Notebook Courses

Notebook: Level 1 Courses

The Level 1 courses are for beginner Notebook users who want to create engaging activities using basic features of Notebook.


Courses are organized into four categories:

  • Tutorials

Short video tutorials covering specific sections of the SMART Notebook software

  • Topics

Courses covering important aspects of using the SMART Notebook software

  • Functions

Courses covering the procedures for incorporating various functionalities inside SMART Notebook.

  • Applications

Courses covering the complete creation of specific applications using SMART Notebook.

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Notebook: Level 2 Courses

The Level 2 courses are for intermediate-level users who have experience creating Notebook activities and who want to increase their Notebook skills to create even more engaging activities using the basic features of Notebook.

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Notebook: Level 3 Courses

The Level 3 courses are for more advanced users who want to take their development to the next level. Completion of these courses will provide the user with the knowledge and skills to develop Accredited-Level Notebook activities using advanced Notebook techniques

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