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Welcome to Teacher Online Training. Our courses are designed to be the most effective and fun way for teachers to acquire the very best professional development. Click the sections below for more information on why we think you'll find our professional development system the best!

Authentic Learning

Learn how to use the Notebook software by building authentic learning applications ready to use inside the classroom. Courses are designed to be completed in just a few hours and no prior knowledge of Notebook is necessary.

Another great class!  I now have a lesson that I can immediately take back to my class and use.  The best part is, I can modify this lesson and it use in different curricular areas for my first graders!  Thanks again!

Valerie G.


Build Notebook activities step-by-step by following along with the professionally produced video tutorials designed and produced by a certified teacher and a recognized expert in building Notebook applications.

Need that extra help to develop your own content. This is the place to get it. Step by step tutorial at a speed and level all can use. Pause and play as the lesson is used in the background

Colin J.


Our training system was build with the understanding that your time is extremely valuable. That's why the courses were developed to be completed on your own schedule and at your own pace. You can also take as long as you need to complete a course and you don't need to complete one course before starting another one. After you complete a course, you still have access to all the course materials so you can review the training material as many times as needed.

This is the first time I have completed one of these courses and it was absolutely fantastic! Being able to go online, work at my own pace and more importantly not spend an absolute fortune has been a godsend and I'll definitely be taking part in more of these courses. I'll definitely be recommending this to others!

~ Sarah B.


Receive timely feedback and receive support every step of the way. You can contact your course facilitator at any time and you have full access to course forums where you ask question and share ideas from other teachers. In addition to the material contained here, you also have access to the Notebook Gallery Resource site which includes a Notebook application library and an extensive Notebook video library.

Jim is a very patient teacher - and gives excellent individualized help if you don't understand something.

Jeni F.

Course Credit

Upon course completion, teachers may request a certificate of completion that can be used for continuing education credit. Our courses are divided into three levels to provide teachers with a learning path that's easy to follow and easy to monitor. Each level contains seven short courses that can be completed in two hours or less. Combined, each level contains 30 hours of instructions which is equivalent to 1 University credit.

Regardless of the project, I always learn something I can use in my classroom. Isn't that what every teacher wants from professional development?

Becky P.

What does all this mean for you? It means that learning how to use the Notebook software to create your own interactive lessons is not only easy, it's fun!

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